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Hairstyling Ninja eBook

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Have you ever tried to style your natural hair updo at home? And have you failed miserably every time?

Well, your challenging days once you get your hands on Hairstyling Ninja. As a naturalista, styling your hair in a protective style updo will take great patience, but you can cut all the frustration out starting today.

Hairstyling Ninja is your roadmap to creating the perfect natural hair updo at home, all while cutting your hairstyling services costs by 80%. Styling your hair at home shouldn’t be difficult, but only if you have clear guidance.

The power is in your hands when it comes to hairstyling your natural hair. You have to make sure you are using proper styling techniques to protect your hair under your natural hair updo.

What You Will Learn From Hairstyling Ninja

The strategic techniques found inside Hairstyling Ninja will enhance your skills and help you become your own natural hair updo stylist at home. Here are some of what you’ll learn from Hairstyling Ninja:

  • The history of hairstyling and the significant contributions made by African Americans
  • Hair protection methods while styling to prevent damage and mishaps
  • Hairstyling basics and a thorough understating of hair and its formation
  • The most effective tools and resources to use for styling to reduce cost
  • Strategies to styling your hair short, medium, or long hair without compromise
  • Hair extensions and how to select the best for your hair type
  • Styling techniques for your specific hair type 3A-4C
  • Practical tips for the DIY bride and Bridesmaid who want to style their hair and save money
  • The only safe way to take down your natural hair updo without causing damage to your hair
  • A checklist to ensure success on your next natural hair updo styling